BTI Ambient Cassette

ACS001 Final cassette_j-card

*Available Now Here *

The first release in the Ambient Cassette Series comes from Rush Hour’s own Ocke Weeda.

I started working at Rush Hour when I was fourteen years old. When I was thirteen I bought my first records with my brother at Rush Hour, containing mostly Omar-s/Theo Parrish and other Detroit-related stuff. Antal recognized my buying-behavior and posted on facebook “youngest customer ever, buying the best shit in the store… praise the lord!” I didn’t even had facebook, but heard it through my brother.
Next time I was there I naively said to Antal that I wanted to work in a record store, because there’s so much knowledge to be obtained and of course, damn good music.
At one point I asked Antal “Do you have Yusef Lateef?”
Antal replied: “Get out of here, you don’t know that.”
I said: “Yes I do, eastern sounds with Love theme from Spartacus on it.”
He replied: “You’ve got the job.”

Since then, I visited the store regularly on Saturdays to help out and gain knowledge. During this time I always came by train from Leiden, just to work! When I turned 18 I moved to Amsterdam to study and work more hours at Rush Hour, mostly in the mailorder section.
Nowadays I run the supplies for Mailorder, run the shop with Boy and Robert on Friday and with Erik on Saturday. But this will change after my trip to New Zealand, after that I will work full-time at Rush Hour, buying records in for the store (mostly Techno/House) and run the shop. I asked to do this because I just love to sell records; the interaction with clients, the stories you share and being able to see the constant flow of what people find hot and what not.

Side A:
An ambient excursion through the whole world, containing tracks from Poland, UK, Holland, America, Italy, New Zealand and many more. But although ages and miles stand between them, their messages overlap…

Side B:
A compact selection, ment for the short journey. It’s loaded with explosive & melancholic sounds that can easily be called my contemporary favourites.

Released Date: Available Now
Artwork: Jen Von Klitzing