Chris SSG Full Interview Here
Hopefully this is something that other promoters will see and think about exploring themselves. We can’t go back to the chill out rooms of the 1990s, but there is plenty of potential for further developing an updated version of this basic idea that matches with the parties and crowds of today.

Arthur Kimskii Full Interview Here
A lot of it was trial and error. There’s a Japanese gentlemen in Brooklyn who owns a gift shop in Williamsburg that sells modular gear along with a small amount of records. He was telling me about this guy who did plating and went on to explain the whole process.

ASC Full Interview Here
The process for this album and similar work is extremely different as you have to be a lot more precise in making certain elements fit into a specific frequency range in the overall mix. It’s still something I try and improve on every time I write this type of stuff as I’m always learning new tricks and techniques.

Secretsundaze Full Interview Here
We have never compromised musically and we spend a great deal of time curating and also programing running orders on individual line ups. Making sure guests compliment each other is very important to us.

DJ Richard Full Interview Here
I have trouble making catalogues of sounds for later use because its hard for me to not just turn it into a track. Sometimes I’ll revisit sounds and work them into something else, but I generally just move on to new things.

Arcarsenal Full Interview Here
“This helps us to have more musical freedom in the end & it’s also what’s really enjoyable about being a duo, sharing ideas and experiences. So without taking this too serioulsy, it still can be seen as a motto. Makes us think of our man AYBEE who always says ‘Still learning'”

Regis Full Interview Here
“Don’t you just hate it when ART does that? Makes things legit.
What happened to good old fashioned getting off your tits to soulless repetitive club noise? England’s artless sons and daughters were far happier then.”

Scissor & Thread Full Interview Here
“The idea that how you act is not a reaction to presupposed notions or mores. Action becomes a direct reflection of desire rather than assimilation.”

Lawrence (Dial / Laid / Smallvile) Full Interview Here
“The idea of a “good” record store was more of a running party gag between Stella, Julius and me. Like some romantic dream. It was all about the location i guess, we just had to find it and fill it with content.”

N’conduit (Voodoo Down Records) Full Interview Here
“It’s a very organic and mercurial synth; you’ll be playing a simple chord and all of the sudden two of the oscillators will shift down like a third and then go up a half step and just stay there.”

DJ OCTOBER Full Interview here
“There’s nothing worse than mediocrity. There’s so much uninspired boring and bland music out there. I would rather listen to something really bad that would evoke a reaction, than listen to some boring by the book music.”

HINODE Full Interview HERE
“Their set effortlessly flirts between Detroit, Belgium Rave, Acid & Dub Techno with little to no hints that a new track is in transition.”

Myles Mac (Melbourne Deepcast) Full Interview HERE
I can’t imagine people meeting up & trading digital files with USB’s at a trendy pop up wine bar”

Lunar Testing Lab Full Interview HERE

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