Inchmix031: Dylan B

Can you tell us a little bit about your new label, Paper-Cuts in relation to its artists, aesthetic and direction?

The idea came to fruition when a close friend brought a bunch of records back from Tokyo including these ‘for promotional use only’ flexi disks that Disk Union had been offering at selected stores, they had these weird Mos Def & Erykah Badu remixes on them but myself and friend, Grant Camov, were really into the idea.
After figuring out where they can still be pressed and the specifics of it all we realised it’s currently best suited for the more abstract/experimental side of an artist – so we looked out for music with the aesthetic to match and shortly settled on our first forthcoming release with friends Rory McPike & Griffin James.

For those that haven’t been to one, explain SRS NRG and what you’ve been working on recently?

SRS NRG V: Ministry of NRG – The 2017 Annual would be the most recent edition with special guest Jezadin (aka Raw Dog) – It has slowly become more of an annual affair since the first in 2012 however there’s already plans in the works for another by the end of the year *hint included*.

What’s the concept behind this mix?

It’s all kinda various bits and pieces that suited without the desire to sync them up as well as a small handful of stuff to follow that were probably better suited going together… A real mix-match for By The Inch.

Artwork by: Yoshihisa Sadamatsu

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