Inchmix029: Daze ‘Menassana Mind Medicine’

How are you planning to wrap up 2016 and begin 2017?
2016 will be wrapped up in the comfort of my own home in Australia, silently watching the world destroy itself. Beginning 2017 with another European tour, (hey promoters of europe) and working on some more records and tapes to be released soon after.

What was your initial exploration into ambient music?
Probably like many people i wasn’t as familiar with the idea of ambient music until being struck by Selected Ambient Works – from there it was a slippery slope into understanding the world and the unconscious through the minds of Eno, Vulthys, and Voight

What was the concept behind this mix?
I’ve never been asked to do a mix like this so i took it as an opportunity to present some of the music that i regularly fall back-on to soundtrack the monotony of daily life. Included in this mix are some of my most treasured pieces of music from my favourite artists, many recorded in from cassettes.

What five records haven’t left your bag recently?
Huerco S – For those of you who have never
Don’t DJ – Musique AcephaleM//R – Let that shit breathe
Faster Action – Faster ActionRobert Bergman – B02

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