INCHMIX024: Andy Hart

Coming through mighty toasty, Andy Hart has compiled just under two hours of ambient and world music during his recent trip to Asia & Australia.
An impeccable selection of records to soundtrack your morning.

What did you have in mind when putting together this mix?

I like a slow start to the day, easing into things, and i wanted to create a mix that encapsulates this. Since i had been collecting a lot of interesting and ambient records whilst i was in Asia and Australia last year, it made sense to put them together with waking up and starting the day in mind.

What other records / albums / mixes would you recommend for this particular time of the day?

One ambient album i absolutely love is Deepchord Presents Echospace – Liumin Reduced. It’s an ambient interpretation of their Liumin album, interspersed with field recordings they made whilst in Tokyo; or as they describe “an atmospheric distillation of sonic-elements extracted from Liumin disco one”

What’s upcoming for Voyage and yourself for releases and tours.

My solo EP will be coming out in the next couple of months, followed by an EP by Youandewan. We’re working on some ideas for a few label showcases this year as well, but nothing to report just yet.

Can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind the label’s aesthetic and who works on the artwork?

I work with a buddy from Melbourne called Sam who runs Sprinkles Design and an agency called Tight Works. The concept revolved around psychedelic/space themed records and sleeves from funk and soul bands throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Over the past two years that idea has evolved into more of its own thing, which is thanks to Sam’s brilliance. He has a knack for taking my estranged directions and turning them into these beautiful visual pieces.

What five records haven’t left your bag recently?

Some contrast to this mix, but I’ve been playing these at most gigs lately:

African Blues – Word Sound Power
Daphne – When You Love Someone (the Groove Instrumental is the jam)
Kenny K. Collins – Beat My House
MAW – To Be In Love (MAW Dub)
András – Untitled / Gold Coast

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