Inchmix021: atomae

How would you describe your sound and live sets?
Having played jazz piano for many years I really wanted to find a way to do free improvisation in electronic music. I prefer to create music right on the spot, as I think there are moments when you really get into it that you just couldn’t recreate when producing. It’s more raw, more honest. As for my sound, I’m very influenced by post-rock bands like Mono and Sigur Rós. For the past three years I’ve been heavily by influenced techno soundscapes, which I think affects my sound more than anything at the moment, both harmonically and rhythmically.

Tell us about the concept behind the live set and the equipment used.
This winter I’ve been practicing frantically every day, trying to perfect my live set. Sometimes when I’m practicing I stumble upon a sound or groove that really inspires me, so I just press record and see where the music takes me. Last month I did two of these recordings one day, and I knew I wanted to use them for my inchmix, so I recorded another little interlude and bridged them together.
All the sounds are off the computer. To control it I use a midi keyboard and an Akai MPD32, LPD8, Midimix, and a Korg nanoPAD2.

Finally, what are five records you have been listening to lately?
Jakob Bro – Gefion
Hydrangea – Dawn Lights
Secret Pyramid – Movements Of Night
Cyspe – Amnesia
Infinite Body – Carve Out The Face of My God

Artwork by Daehyun Kim


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