Detroit Diesel

Whether it is conscious or not, it’s no secret that an artist’s climate directly affects their creative output. The Nordic countries and the artists they cultivate are synonymous with being on the forefront of explorative art, music and cultural ideologies. As a result of compounding the stark climate of Finland with their struggle for independence after being under Swedish and Russian rule until 1917, we are left with an immense catalogue of work that is enamoured by the rest of the world. In the underground electronic music scene, Finnish techno producers from the early nineties have been ranked as equally influential as Futurist’s Jeff Mills, Robert Hood or Dub Techno pioneers Basic Channel. More specifically, Kimmo Rapatti – affectionately referred to as the ‘Analogue Junkie’ has managed to weave in the inexplicably blunt surroundings of his hometown in Imatra whilst pioneering the minimal techno and acid scene along with Toni Rantanen and Tommi Grönlund.

“I still remember hearing Rhythim is Rhythim – Nude Photo and Phuture – Acid Tracks when they were brand new being played at illegal warehouse parties in Turku (400km by car from hometown Imatra)”

In 1992 he started the label Dum Records two years after he released his first record B-Rock – My Mind is Goin’. He used Dum Records as an avenue to release his own tracks and along with Sahko Recordings, started by Grönlund and Mika Vainio in 1993, they became the first proper techno labels from Finland.

Mono Junk ‎– Mono Junk (1993) Trope Recordings
“The Trope catalog includes certain odd items, such as TROPE 009 (an analogue sequencer), TROPE 018 (a winter jacket), and TROPE 024 (a record bag). Founded by Thomas P. Heckmann in September 1993 based in Mainz Germany, Acid Fuckers Unite (A.F.U.) was a sublabel of Trope Recordings. Specializing in Acid Techno with House elements, the label acted as a vehicle for Heckmann’s successful “Silent Breed” project.”

The label was discontinued along with its parent label Trope Recordings in 1998.
In March 2005 Acid Fuckers Unite (A.F.U.) was re-launched as Afu Limited.

Detroit Diesel – Auto Acid EP on Dum Records
The name Detroit Diesel is taken from the engine manufacturing company Detroit Diesel Corporation with the engines being used for buses and ships.

Melody Boy 2000 -(1994) Monotone Fantastique on Dum Records
Easily Rapatti’s most well-known track. Minimal techno – Finnish or otherwise – at its finest.

Coopers ‎– Untitled (1994) on Dum Records

A side project of Mono Junk, teaming up with Jukka Kaartinen for two EP’s

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