INCHMIX 013: Gian ‘LackRec’

GIAN013 final

Who is apart of the LACK roster now?
Pablo Mateo, Liit, D-IX, Attila, Gian, Garben

What can you tell us about the mix?
Basically, I wanted to showcase what I’d play in a club environment.
The first half hour or so includes dancefloor-friendly techno, while the focus of the second part is more on broken-beat stuff which I really love but most people don’t get. 
However, I find it important to, in a way, educate the dancers and show them that there’s more than just Big Room Techno. 
Although, I also understand that most “consumers” don’t find the time to really dig deep – I hope that didn’t sound too cocky. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mix and thanks a bunch for inviting me!

What records haven’t left you bag recently?
Even though I don’t play it that often, UR’s Radioactive Rhythms EP – the B-side is featured in the mix – never leaves my bag. 
I also play Wata Igarashi EP on Berlin based label Midgar quite often these days, and I always have at least one record of The Exaltics with me.

LACK004 Presale

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