Separate Minds

separate minds

Marc Kinchen, better known as “MK” began his solo career in 1989.
Kinchen has reached varying levels of success in his 24 year career, from his #1 hits “Always” &“Love Changes” back in ’93/4 to his current remixes for Storm Queen, Huxley & Hot Natured.

In the early 90′s underground club scene MK – Burning became a house anthem (and still is today), however it’s his previous alias’ with Terrence Parker & Chez Damier that go relatively unnoticed.

Separate Minds consisted of Lou “Trackmaster” Robinson, Marc Kinchen, Terrence Parker, Vernell Shelton (of Scan 7, along with Robinson, it was a Detroit group closely connected to Underground Resistance).
Formed in 1988 the group released two EP’s, We Need Somebody in ’88 & Troubled World in ’93.

“I started producing when I was 14. So by the time I was 16 I already knew how to make records. I met Lou Robinson and Terrence Parker from a mutual friend. They were already working as Separate Minds, it was their project, they already had songs done for it. They basically said, “Do you want to come help us make these records?” And I didn’t really know about house music, and they kind of described it to me. I pretty much helped them.”

In ’89 Kinchen was also collaborating with house legends, Chez Damier & Kevin Saunderson, under the alias Power 41. Though they never released a track (and the project only lasted less than a year) Power 41 produced & remixed the likes of Inner City, Reese & One on One.

“We went into the studio together. There was a song called “Mine”, I forget who by – perhaps it was Reece – which I worked on with Kevin. We worked on a couple of remixes together; one of them was Evelyn Champagne King’s “Shame”, but most of the time Kevin just let me use his studio.”

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