Urban Paradise

Agent X

After sneaking into clubs with his older brother, Mike Clark’s attention turned to DJing.

“I would hear some of the same tracks but they would always sound different. So one night I peaked behind the DJ booth to find out what they were doing that made everything sound different. Once I had a chance to hear there conversations & see them do their thing, i knew that’s what i wanted to do.”

“Beatdown was term used by his local peers and founded by Mike Clark. “Beatdown” is the true sound of Detroit… [present] Detroiters have embraced & kept their roots from Jazz to Motown to Funk and created a new sound that mesh all of these and spits out tomorrow.*

A reflection that rings close to home whilst listening to Agent X’s Mission 2 EP released in 1992 on Shockwave Records.
From the outset, the pacific vocal echoes of D Train’s ‘Music’ wash through Urban Paradise whilst hints of salsa percussion & gentle piano build & layer before the track executes it’s undeniable rhythmic momentum. Don’t Keep Me Waiting continues the tranquil house sentiment of Urban Paradise with soft claps and wistful pan flutes.

Clarke’s philosophy to music and DJing is simple; it’s your art, it’s your craft and you have to make sure you’re telling a story.
This mantra resonates through as the B-side steps down into the basement with Quest’s serrated organ stabs creating a push-pull effect with atonal blips of horns appearing throughout the track.
To conclude the four track journey, Child of a Dreamer pulls you from the darker side of Detroit after only a fleeting encounter with Quest.

BUY Agent X – Misson 2 EP HERE
Resident Advisor – Agent X

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