Play It Loud


“Ron Hardy would throw people out of the DJ booth, Frankie Knuckles would throw people out of the DJ booth and Larry Levan had a secure area where no-one was coming up in this area. “I’m the music director, I’m the one picking the music tonight, if you’re not happy, go somewhere else”. That was the attitude of all clubs I think: if this is not right for you there’s plenty of other places to go.”

Twenty-Five years on Larry Heard’s production still stands the test of time, as Black Market Records reissued Heard’s ‘The Housefactors – Play It Loud’ EP from 1988 in March of last year.

Black Market began as a weekly Friday night party started by Rene Gelston at London’s WAG nightclub circa 1984. As the night grew in popularity (Timeout magazine stating “when Black Market sneezes, clubland gets a cold”), they expanded their parties to Milan, Paris & in a bold move, started a residency in New York.
From there Gelston along with producer Steve Jervier decided to open up Black Market Records back in London. The store played a fundamental role during the UK’s “Summer of Love” illegal raves, with lines of people outside the store causing chaos for nearby roads & other shop fronts.

In 1984 Heard, who grew up living opposite Robert Owens & down the road from Frankie Knuckles, decided to start a label with close friend Donny Hardy.
“I didn’t know the proper procedure as far as setting up a name and making sure it’s not used by another company, so we just had to wing it. And when I started learning more about publishing I ended up getting a name cleared for Alleviated Music.”
However to be on the safe side, Heard released his first three EP’s without a label name on the record.

This is first of only two releases under the ‘Housefactors’ moniker, the second being ‘The Big Bang Theory’ released in 1990. Heard’s layering & attention to detail on ‘Play It Loud’ is an incredible, relentless assault of sharp hi-hats & punching 909’s held together with hypnotic tribal drums. Weighing-in in just a touch over eight minutes, the versatility of this 25 year old track is a testament to the already well publicised genius mind of Heard.

The underrated B-Side contains ‘Go Crazy’ & ‘Freestyle’, tracks which are punctuated by rapid fire snares, computer blips & warped drum machine patterns. A far stretch from the soulful vocals & melodic beats created by Fingers Inc, however those familiar with the Gherkin Jerks, would recognise Heards raw, frantic & darker side to his production.

BUY ‘Play It Loud’ HERE

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