Rapid Winds.

Little known 90’s House producer & New Jersey native, Alphonso Wayne Gardiner has had a career spanning over two decades but has flown under the radar with some of his aliases.
Gardiner’s first release  was for 90′s juggernaut label Strictly Rhythm, producing under the alias of Essence. That same year, Gardiner worked alongside Eddie Maduro, Vivian Sessoms & ‘the’ Roger Sanchez to produce under Logic, who also released on Strictly Rhythm. 

Gardiner then went on to release under *Sound Source, Classic Man & Track Masters.
*Sound Source is not to be confused with Prog House producers, Nick Hook & Morgan King who went under a spaceless Soundsource moniker.
Gardiner produced classic early 90’s House with hard broom bristle hi-hats, melodic rain forest chimes & synth solos that go well over the two minute mark. Pure bliss.

Classic Man – 5th Street Orchestration saw the sampling of Larry Levan’s ‘Peech Boys’ – Don’t Make Me Wait

Buy Essence HERE
Buy Track Masters HERE
Buy Classic Man HERE
Buy Sound Source HERE

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